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We help medical offices reduce operating costs, decrease internal compliance errors and allow you to provide higher quality of care to patients.

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Designed for medical facilities

Introducing Tracksite, the cutting-edge compliance and project management software platform designed to help medical facilities streamline their operations, reduce costs and improve internal compliance.

Project Management

Easily create and manage projects, assign tasks and track workflow progress in real-time.

Compliance Tracking

Stay on top of compliance requirements and reduce the risk of errors with our built-in compliance tracking tools.

Document Management

Store and manage all your organization's important documents in one secure, centralized location.

Collaboration Tools

Collaborate with your team and stakeholders in real-time using our advanced collaboration features.

Why Us?

The Tracksite Difference

Tracksite is a compliance and project management platform designed to help medical facilities reduce compliance errors, decrease expensive overhead and allow you to provide your patients with a higher level of care.

Since we work directly with doctors, nurses, administrators and more, we have been able to craft an elegant solution that most medical facilities face on a daily bases in a cost-effective way.

  • Project & Workflow Management.
  • Intelligent Work-based Auditing.
  • Centralized File Management System.
  • Third-Party Integrations (Teams, OneDrive & more).

Benefits of Tracksite

With Tracksite's wide range of features & integrations, our clients get real advantages.

  • Increase Compliance

    Keep track, in real-time, the status of each employee's workflows and projects to ensure everything is getting done correctly.

  • Reduce Overhead Costs

    Over $59 Billion is spent on compliance management in the United States alone and our goal is to reduce this cost through integrated software.

  • All Work in One Platform

    Tracksite combines project & workflow management, audit management and file host all in one platform to reduce clutter and streamline your organization.

  • Cut Wasted Time

    Tracksite's centralized file hosting system eliminates the need to spend time searching for important documents, saving you valuable time.

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