Manage & Audit Your Team's Workflows.

Keep all of your workflows in one, centralized platform to ensure your team is always on the right track.

Key Features

Start working with to help make your organization and team more efficient, agile and organized.

Easy To Use

Our platform has been designed and tested to be used by anyone!

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With web & mobile apps, your team can always access our platforms.

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Our team works with each client to ensure the platforms match their custom needs.

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Whether your team is 2 people or 200, we make workflows flow.

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Work Process

How it works

Assign Work

Add all of your team's work to the platform calendar.

Team Performs Work

Your team members get notified about upcoming work and complete it.

Automatic Reporting helps generate exportable audits to show team performance.

Why our platform has proven success

Real-Time Analytics

Our platform allows you to see in real-time how your team and organization are performing without ever needing to leave your desk.

One location for all work

With all of your team's work in one, centralized location, your team will always know the what they're expected to complete.

Instant Notifications

One of the hardest parts of running a team is alerting them when new work needs to be completed. Our platform provides automatic notifications so they're never in the dark.

Your work, on every device

The platform is available for iOS, Android and any web-capable device. This allows you and your team to perform, upload and mark work as completed from anywhere without interruption!

  • Dashboard with progress & work
  • View past and upcoming work with calendar
  • iOS, Android & Web
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Awesome isn't it? Let's dive in!

Start working with to keep all your organization's workflow in one, centralized location that provide simplicity and transparency.

Starting is simple. First, give your assignment a title.

Now choose which individual or group is going to get this assignment.

Give your assignment tasks so your team knows what they need to perform in order to complete the assignment.

Finally, give your assignment a due date so your team knows when they should complete it by.

If your assignment needs to be completed multiple times, set the recurrence and have it repeat daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and much more!

  • Organize your workflow
  • Generate intelligent audits
  • Notify everyone

Competitive rates for teams of all sizes and requirements

Our first and primary goal is to help make your organization or team as efficient as possible and with our rates, you can do just that.




All the basics for small teams looking to organize their workflows.

  • Full Access
  • 15 Assignments / User *
  • 1 Audit / User *
  • Up to 10 Members
  • Enhanced Security

* Resets on first of each month



Per Month/User

Better for small to medium businesses needing basic auditing and workflows.

  • Full Access
  • 100 Assignments / User *
  • 5 Audit / User *
  • Up to 250 Members
  • Enhanced Security

* Resets on first of each month



Per Month/User

Advanced features for businesses looking to streamline and centralize all work.

  • Full Access
  • Unlimited Assignments
  • Unlimited Audits *
  • Unlimited Members
  • Enhanced Security

* Includes auto AI generated audits

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